Recipes for people who dont like traditional cooking that much

# Alfredo Sauce - can use with Alfredo chicken

1/2 stick butter(the real thing)
1 cup heavy cream
A little garlic powder, pepper, salt to taste
I cup grated Mozzarella & 1 cup Italian blend cheeses.
Melt butter add cream and cheeses. heat do not boil but melt the cheese completely. A little cheese may be nec. to get to the right thickness.
I like to saute fresh asparagus and mushrooms in some olive oil. Put the vegies on lightly cooked linguine and add sauce to taste. Time: about 15-20 min. You can use parm. cheese with the mozz. but it is very strong so the blended cheeses work better for us.

# Alfredo chicken

use skinless and boneless chicken breast bake in the oven (because I burn it or have raw spots if I cook it any other way haha). diceit up and add it to the fettucine noodles with alfredo sauce.  put Parmesan cheese over the top. 

# Garlic Bread

Cut up Italian bread, put butter on it and I just used garlic powder because I forget to get actual garlic.And sprinkled that with a little cheese too.  keep it for baking... make sure it comes out right... dont burn it!:)

yummy !:)

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