Sunday, December 23, 2012

Top 5 Beauty Tips to Regain Your Youthful Look

continued from For a Glowing Perfect wrinkle free Skin

Follow and Maintain the Nutritious Diet: Always follow and maintain the healthy diet in order to keep yourself healthy and thereby making your skin young and glowing. Eat lots of fresh vegetables, fruits and drink maximum amount of water to keep your skin healthy.

Exercise Exercise Exercise (if  even for ten minutes a day) or Dance:)

Exercise Regularly: Doing regular physical activity like brisk walking or running or playing games will help improve your health and makes your skin look young and healthy. With the help of regular exercise, you as you grow old, it will help you to stay young and healthy.

Have a Good Sleep: Every individual needs at least 8 hours of sleep in order to keep the body fresh and fully recharged. In case if you suffer from lack of sleep then in the long run you will develop dark circles under your eyes thus making you feel older. So, proper sleep will help to keep your skin young.

Use Natural Skin Care Products: Most of the branded skin care products contain harmful chemicals that in turn damage your skin if you use it for the long period of time. So, try to use natural skin care products which are free from harmful side effects. Using natural moisturisers like olive oil, grape seed oil and avocado oil will help your skin to look younger. Apply sun screen lotions/ rose water to keep your skin safe from Ultra Violet and other harmful rays.

Benefits of Facial Exercise: One of the best ways to keep your facial skin supple is to do facial exercises regularly. Practising facial exercise will improve the blood circulation of your face thereby making your skin firm, prevent from early ageing and brings glow to your face.
Light oil massage with rose oil... can be a good idea... ask a friend to do it... or sister or mom! :) do them as well in return... do it waith a clean and washed hands and face...:) 5 mins wud be good.

Control Your Weight: You can look younger if you lose weight. If you reduce the fat in your body, it will help you to look slimmer and younger. By controlling your excess weight, you can feel healthy, active and youthful.
The above 4 will definitely help you in this goal:)

have a glass of water before having your food. and stop when there is some space left in your tummy. for a good slim body!:)

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