Wednesday, September 21, 2011

For a Glowing Perfect wrinkle free Skin

Laugh a lot

Dance and Sing

Walk on the terrace in the night to release ur self from any toxin or stress that u may have accumulated over the day, connect urself to nature.

Drink 8-10 glasses o0f water Religiously (I cant do this max 4 )

Wash ur face when u come from outside... and when ever u feel u have to. let ur skin breath fresjh air without make up.

when going out use a mild but working sunblock , rose water is good too

was ur face as soon as u come home..

Dont use a lot of make up...i usually only apply a kajal , lipgloss and sunblock... for a beautiful me.

Eat fresh fruits,

Avoid pepsi/ fried junk food... but u can have it once in a while... like once a week...since i cant live without plain chips... when i have them i have a lot of them... to compensate for the lost time

smile , do anything that makes u smile and avoid anything that doenst make u happy

for some doable tips i will use next post

Take care cheers!


  1. Thanks Love !!! Now I am all set to win Ms. Universe even though I am not eligible to take part.Yeahhh :)

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  3. simple , and easy to follow.. loved them ..d o visit my blog