Sunday, May 22, 2011

Something to smile about!

So my first most highly advocated recipe for a beautiful me is anything to smile about:)

These are some of the things which make me smile:)

1- My Mom when she is watching television oblivion to me... (to really know there are really times when i am not on her mind is really a good feeling):) to see her happy makes me happy
2- My bros when i see them out of the blue or see them comment:) for a second it gives me a smile... until we start arguing:)
3- My nephew and his cute expressions and madeup words... (He doesnt know how to speak so instead he copies and uses his own letters and words, creative yup... and all kids listen to him like he is the ultimate :)
My neice when she acts like a big sister or tries to help her mom... and when she comes to observe me and wants me to see her things and appreciate everything abt her.. from her dress to her hair to her stuff...:)
4- Me... yes sometimes when i watch myself... and enjoy seeing myself i smile...:) and do other stuff but i cant tell them here:)
5- When i see madhuri
6- When i see Amir Khan... ( a biggest smile, like i have got a fortune)
7- Salman Khan
8- Here the cukkoo, and watch the early morning sky,
9- Watch a girta hua tara
10- ph man this is not even the beginning
11- Watching Gulab, oh i can do that forever.. and never get tired...that kid is linked with me... i feel we have a connection from previous lives... may be he was my own kid:P u never know... or may be my soulmate
12- The man i thot i will marry... and i still think i will ... but well... a lot of wat he said makes me smile... and even laugh when i am doing totally different thing and then i have to kind of hide it in case ppl wud think i am nuts:) which i am over him.. i was... now i am getting better at it... this absence was really needed, i am so able to get other things done... when he comes... the only thing i do is him:) now dont get dirty ideas...
13-My own statuses and posts, some of them... not all... some i feel were like... really pathetic:) but well why am i to be perfect... i am both sweet and pathetic:)
14- i hate to admit... but the ugly duckling made me smile too... and there are others too...
14- Anyone doing a wonderful, generous thing moves my heart and makes me smile
15- Kids who try to think they are grownups they are so hot and cool and well i cant help smiling:)
16- My mamoos:) and cousins
17- Aqa Maula... Imam Husain Maula na Ali
18- God
19- Kittens, and chicks...:)
20- wait there have to be more... but have to go for prayers:)


  1. I loved your list :) And trust me I didn't get any dirty idea whatsoever ;)

  2. hehe! can you imagine i read this comment of urs 1 yr later.. its 27 nov 2012 today... wow!!!

    i am so happy i made this list...